More than 800 movies in different countries of Europe and North Africa.


Over 150 national and international  TV Series.

3000 commercials for the top brands in every industry.

We provide catering services for films up to 3000 people per day,
As well as for television series, advertising spots and music videos.


We are well aware of the needs of audiovisual production, but we adapt to the uniqueness of every crew and filming, so that we are able to anticipate the particular challenges that we may encounter and solve them when the time comes in an efficient manner.

With our large fleet and high-quality equipment, we can move to any location and adapt on the go to the changing circumstances of the shooting.

Our aim is to always bring support to our fellow co-workers as well as to meet the needs of each and every member of your hard working crew, these being allergies/ intolerances, dietary restrictions of any type or personal choices such as vegetarianism or veganism.

What we offer

 Six decades of unmatched experience.

Off-road professionals who will provide an efficient and on-time service under any circumstances.

Ability to relocate our team and staff to all national and international locations.

Respect and care for the needs and food intolerances of our clients, as well as for personal choices of any nutritional nature.

Our services includes the following options

Continental and / or English Breakfast.

Sandwiches and Snacks with sodas.

Self-service lunch and / or dinner.

Running buffet.

Craft service.

Our meals are prepared with the freshest raw ingredients and a meticulous quality control in each stage of production.

The culinary offer is based on traditional Spanish cuisine, introducing new recipes and culinary techniques that adapt to the tastes and needs of our customers.