An international reference in Catering Service for Films, TV series and Commercials

As a pioneering catering company within the audio-visual business in Spain, our beginnings are linked to timeless classic films such as Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra or The Fall of the Roman Empire.

We are very proud to have been part of many other grand titles over the last 62 years, during which we have maintained an international reputation, known for our outstanding quality cuisine, custom-tailored service, logistical efficiency, and highly resourceful professionalism when it comes to dealing with the inevitable (and innumerable!) on-set vicissitudes.

Our chefs are proud heirs to the Iberian cuisine, which represents the best exponent of the world-renowned Mediterranean Diet.

Being passionate about food and its endless possibilities of innovation, they enjoy combining their solid traditional Iberian background with the latest trends by incorporating unexpected contemporary twists and exotic flavours.

In Rafael Catering we have the capacity for transporting our equipment and professional team to the various international locations, therefore being your one-stop solution for the whole of the filming.

We are pleased to announce that the latest milestone in implementation of our expansion plan has been the opening of our office in London.